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We exist because of Jesus Christ to reach out in His love, grow in genuine relationship, and help disciple one another into faithful service.


Small Groups

Small Groups meet Sundays at 9:15 am in the Youth Room. During these times our youth explore the Holy Scripture and discuss insights, discoveries, and applications with each other. We also spend a great deal of time in prayer with one another and our Lord. Any student is welcomed to join our small groups at anytime. These groups are divided by grade and gender and take place during the same time as our adult small groups and children classes at Southwest Park. Following small groups is SWP's morning worship service. This service lets out at 12:00 pm.

(Sunday Night After Church)

SNAC takes place after the 6 o'clock evening service at SWP. Typically, at 7:00 pm our students have the opportunity to go to a host's home or a local eating establishment, eat some good food, and develop relationships. This fellowship strengthens our ministry and provides opportunity for through relationships. Occasionally, we even use our SNAC times for Genuine Discipleship where we study and challenge one another in God's word and through life issues and lessons. Most of the time, this is all free. However, when we visit a local eating establishment, students are expected to bring money for food. SNAC ends and students are expected to have rides home at 9:00 pm.


GENUINE is our midweek service for any youth who want a place they can be real at. This is where our theme on being genuine originated. Therefore, Wednesdays at 6:30 pm until 8:00 pm, we strive to provide youth the opportunity to be real with God in worship, to be real with others in relationships, and to be real with one self in response to the Spirit's movement. This is not only a place we want youth and families to be accepted in but we also want them to feel welcomed, valued, and loved. This is our goal at genuine. 

 Other Common Activities & Events

Depending on the season of ministry, our youth can participate in numerous service, worship, outreach, relationship, and discipleship opportunities. See below for details on some of these activities.

Genuine Discipleship - Often throughout the year, our students have the opportunity to participate in Genuine Discipleship. This is where our students are led by Genuine Adult Volunteers into the word and through life issues and lessons. Occasionally, this discipleship will even be student led! These times may take the place of a Sunday Night SNAC, happen on a Saturday, or anytime of the week depending on the season and the study. Regardless of who is leading or when this is happening, this is one major way we push and challenge one another toward Christ.

M.O.B. (Ministry Outside the Box) - M.O.B. is one way we fulfill the Great Commandments and Commission of Jesus Christ. During these opportunities our youth leave church grounds and take our ministry out into the community. Here we invite others to participate with us in worship, service, fellowship, and more. We also use this time to love others through acts of service. This not only spreads the love and gospel of Jesus Christ but helps teach our youth how to be the hands and feet of Christ.

Genuine Worship Team Practice - This team typically meets every Sunday afternoon to prepare musically and spiritually to lead our ministry in worship on Wednesdays. With the help of our worship minister and our Genuine Volunteers, this team works to grow in their music ability and in their ministry to lead others into the life changing presence of God. They will lead our GENUINE services in worship through music but also occasionally lead out in Student Led Services for the whole SWP family on a Sunday Night. Anyone interested in this team should speak to the Youth Pastor and is welcomed to sit in on a practice and service with the Praise Team.

Other Opportunities - At Genuine Youth Ministries, we provide numerous weekly opportunities for youth and families to participate in the grand adventure in Christ God has for them. This includes mission meetings, Servant-Leadership Team meetings, Christian concerts, recreation activities, service projects, and more. For more information about any current events or activities, contact the youth pastor. 

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