Dec. 6, 2020

9:00am. Early Worship

10:00am Adult Sunday School

9:15am  Sunday School (Children, Youth, & Adult)

10:30am Worship

(Nursery is available)

Sunday School and Worship will be available online.

About A 2020 Advent - Returning Our Focus On What Matters Most

Sunday, November 29 marks the beginning of Advent—a time of yearning, longing, and anticipation, when Christians of all stripes turn their eyes to Heaven and remember that their hope isn’t in anything around us, but ONLY in the return of our Blessed Savior. We remember and long for the day when everything will be unified again under Christ, and we begin to retell the alternative story of what’s really going on in this sad, broken world.
So, join us, this group, in taking a 2020 focus on the Advent of Christ. Each day, starting November 29th, will bring a new devotional that can be done personally or that you can lead your family in so that we all can focus on what matters together.


Commit to pray daily for the next week for the International Mission Board, their ministries and missionaries. You may use the guide in the link below for your daily prayers. You can also GIVE to  the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering to financially support global missions.


Dec. 2, 2020


Babies - Preschool

(Children's Hall)

Children In Action

(Family Center)

Genuine Youth

(Youth Wing)

Wednesday Night Live

(Multi Purpose Room in Children's Hall)

Prayer Meeting

(Fellowship Hall)