After much thought and prayer, we have decided to return to online services for a time. We will return to in-person worship on August 2nd. We will continue with two services. Please stay connected!



Sunday School will be posted online at 9am.  We will offer two in-person services. The 9am service is for those who may be at risk. There will be another service at 11am. We will continue streaming the 11am service on this site, YouTube, or Facebook.

We will begin our in-person meetings at 6:30pm.We have a place for everyone!

We will also continue streaming the Prayer Meeting on our website, Facebook, and YouTube. 

Service Volunteer:

We need your help during the in-person services that will begin August 2nd. Register below or in the SWP church center app!


If you would like to use the nursery beginning August 9th, please register below or in the SWP church center app. We want to make sure we have enough workers each week!

Click below to register for these events.



August 2, 2020


August 5, 2020



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SWP Family Scrapbook

We have created a place on the website for a scrapbook of memories being made during this time in the history of our church. We would like you to join in the fun! Please send us moments that you have capture with your family to share with the rest of us. We will add a few at a time and fill this site with joy! Please send your photos to and then check back to see how other members are making the most of this time! See the SCRAPBOOK now!

Helping Others

Submit your need and be matched with someone to is able to fill the need.

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